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Electronic - IDM/Ambient
Wyatt Keusch
Force Intel / Vertical.fm
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FINT 004
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CD / MP3


ambient experimental idm melodic percussion
00. Wyatt Keusch - TEASER! (20 sec of each track) (20 sec of each track)   03:20    
01. Wyatt Keusch - Object 01   02:18    
02. Wyatt Keusch - Object 02 (Album Version)   08:04    Tip!
03. Wyatt Keusch - Object 03   05:22    Tip!
04. Wyatt Keusch - Object 04   06:00    
05. Wyatt Keusch - Object 05   01:50    
06. Wyatt Keusch - Object 06   06:46    
07. Wyatt Keusch - Object 07   08:21    
08. Wyatt Keusch - Object 08   08:30    
09. Wyatt Keusch - Object 09 (Bonus Track)   06:08    
10. Wyatt Keusch - Object 10 (Bonus Track)   06:35    
Total Playtime: 01:03:14


Release Description

Wyatt Keusch (aka Khalija) recorded this album in hist first year at university - at the age of 19! The theme of the album is the interesting combination of rather agressive beats and noises with surprisingly soft melodies. But no matter how hard the drums try, they never succeed to kill those nice little melodies. No easy listening, however. (A short version of Object 02 was featured on Mille Plateaux's CLICKS & CUTS 5.)

Artist Biography (Short)

wyatt keusch is a composer and sound artist currently living in los angeles, ca. while studying music technology at the california institute of the arts, he met and began working with the future khalija records collective. he works both as a solo artist, as well in collaborative efforts with sam jones, anthony cantor, scott cazan and ethan braun.

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